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Stacey’s 65 is too cute!

This lovely 1965 breakfast trailer made my heart happy! She is parked over on 28th and Division, check her out.

Pony up, it’s wedding time!

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A new bride comes armed with bling and a book of lovely ideas!

Mandy is a hands on bride and it was awesome seeing her vision and being apart of it! Honored 🙂

Did you know you can register furniture ?!

How cool it is!

Register your linens too!

Match the bedroom to the china!

When a new couple are building their kitchen these are the cookware that become heirloom!

The only problem is choosing a color of Le Creuset to buy or register!

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What is it? When you register for your wedding be sure to KNOW what it is for…lol

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Today’s bride doesn’t have to bring a stack of bridal magazine s, just a iPhone will do!

Lunch with a lovely bride!

Simple Newsletter

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C.2 the trailer cutout! Getting ready for the Plucky Vintage Wedding show Sunday!

A little more work to go!