Archive | August 21, 2011

The New Night Out

The old image of a travel trailer has had a facelift and will never be the same.

The average camper isn’t just Aunt Bunny and Uncle Bert, we now have the new era of Kips and Wally’s hitching these high glossed darlings at some of the hottest gatherings.
Pismo Beach has a draw for the hip crowd when it came to summer vacations, but with the wave of “shiny tin cans” the rallies are growing bigger and younger.
Car enthusiast have towed storage trailers for years and now have turned to the camper for style and functionality.
In many states such as Oregon, the food cart/trailer craze has exploded to a national level.
Once upon a time, a store front was the only option.
This portable real estate has changed forever the way business is presented.

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