Archive | August 4, 2011

Itty Bitty Logo! Isn’t it CUTE! (proud mother voice)

When dreaming of a logo I went to a great site to 
get inspiration. One resounding message I got from all my net searches is that a logo
 must represent YOU.
You are more than welcome to spend time targeting your market with 
what you “think” they want, but you have to
remember, you came to the net to introduce YOU and your idea!

Train your audience upfront with you and what you are about…
Trust me you will spend more time living up to
an image that will ultimately be fleeting.

We are all looking to the web for what isn’t
around the corner, so do what you do best…..

My virgin logo is hand painted and a true caption of me and 
what I bring to the wedding and event market..

Happy designing

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