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Blogger Oh Blogger…why did I stray?

Dear friends, I must confess that I tried another blog site for my IBWC, and found it was way to slick and not enough ..ME!

So I went thru the blogs I love and there it was over and over again
So Why fight it… I am loving it every moment I slice my keyboard!
Thanks Blogger for the videos on You Tube. It just shows that you truly want a blogger to be successful!

When A Bride is Daring..

Maybe some of  you have heard about the wave of fashion/lifestyle called”Steam Punk”. It is a mix of Victorian, Pirates of the Caribbean and a Orson Wells is hanging with

 Jules Vern!

Here is a pic from an amazing photographer Mark Brooke,

Be inspired!

( I plan on making these for brides who want a keepsake from the courtship-wedding-honeymoon.)

Flowers Who?

what have you done lately…

So what is on your list to do today to bring your business closer?

Hopefully you have your book near by and you put the number 1 in there so you can get started already.

1. what does it do, and whom is it for

You must identify what the heck you will be bringing to the world. It needs to be simple and concise.

If you have to spend 20 minutes explaining it, then you haven’t pin pointed the true value of what the nature of your venture is.

How you can get to the heart is try to name it, step 2. This is going to be awhile so I will check on you in the next post….

Let’s Go!

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