Multi uses of Storable’s shelving!!!! oh yeah baby

Oh yeah…..we’re decorating again!
Just a quick tip on creating space. Storables* has a section where you can make your own storage unit as wide and tall as you like. This one was around $130 (more or less 3 years ago) I bought it for my kitchen for workspace and storage…I loved it there.
Now my new room was large and I didn’t want a dresser and a bookshelf so WAH LAH…
It holds up to 300 lbs and honey keeping it perfect can lend to my OCD side….hehe
I will be hard pressed to ever buy a dresser in my future! I had a string of pink heart lights and thought how sexy/cute it would be to have them light up the shelf like in a store…very very pretty in person.
The black and white trunks have a all black leatheresk box to match on the bottom…I put collectables (linen, scarves, slips and things with feathers…hehe) it makes a good place for the private collection! wink
Wingback!! enough said…….with a mink thrown over it of course a nod to my Grandmother.
Well enough already~ Go be creative..share and by all means Decorate out of the Box!
kisses and lashes

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