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Hello world!


We are going to have fun designing your big day and creating unique and inspiring moments.

I promise to share all I and my resources know, so that you are able to have an amazing wedding.

Stay tuned and roll up your sleeves ,we have work to do!


Multi uses of Storable’s shelving!!!! oh yeah baby

Oh yeah…..we’re decorating again!
Just a quick tip on creating space. Storables* has a section where you can make your own storage unit as wide and tall as you like. This one was around $130 (more or less 3 years ago) I bought it for my kitchen for workspace and storage…I loved it there.
Now my new room was large and I didn’t want a dresser and a bookshelf so WAH LAH…
It holds up to 300 lbs and honey keeping it perfect can lend to my OCD side….hehe
I will be hard pressed to ever buy a dresser in my future! I had a string of pink heart lights and thought how sexy/cute it would be to have them light up the shelf like in a store…very very pretty in person.
The black and white trunks have a all black leatheresk box to match on the bottom…I put collectables (linen, scarves, slips and things with feathers…hehe) it makes a good place for the private collection! wink
Wingback!! enough said…….with a mink thrown over it of course a nod to my Grandmother.
Well enough already~ Go be creative..share and by all means Decorate out of the Box!
kisses and lashes

Start to finish….Ikea book shelf! is my IKEA shelf..don’t laugh my IKEA chaise,sofa and fabric.. and in the video my teacup collection and other stuff!
Lights on the shelf I found in the as-is at IKEA for 2$. In fact both sofa and chaise were in the as-is because the fabric was dirty~ IT WASHES people! lol
They are the easiest covers to wash and put back on. White furniture is easier than you think to live with when the fabric is very resistant to common oils in the skin (just no dark denim, duh!)
You have seen the chinese style sofa in the older post but now see how it sits behind the dining table and with the risers on the legs it sits perfectly for lounging while you eat (is there any other way to eat, I mean really~)
I swiveled the books for more interest and used them as pedestals to feature pics and cups.
White boxes for the dvd’s and videos keep it clean and crisp! yeah yeah IKEA for the boxes.
Hope you like.. so re-arrange your shelf and have fun!
kisses and lashes

oh yes…more food!

The Great Recession has caused all of us to find ways to still enjoy little perks in life..

I am always sharing the art of making even a simple thing like breakfast special.
If nothing else you will enjoy taking your time to be creative and putting yourself first..
kisses and lashes
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