Ran away with the iPad!!!

So how do tell a without sounding like your bragging?
Io am crazy about this pad…oh yes i am blogging right now from a coffee shop and baby I am on cloud nine!
I thought okay, i will email and surf the net..but omg the games are addicting and the web searching is insane how fast it is.
So, if I was to tell you should you buy one..honey if you could see how jealous my bike is..loll
But i have them out together to make sure they get along!

Is my hubby a little jealous…oh yeah..the kids…think so..
They should be..I LOVE THIS THING!
..so I won’t add insult to injury by adding a picture..but you can imagine my smile..yeah and as I type this on a sunny day..
Janet Jackson is singing in my ear!

Love ya..

(not as much as the iPad though)


Categories: iPad MAC bike ride


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