Running away!

if you know anything about me you would know
I LOVE my bike.
You won’t find me pestering you
riding down crowed streets,
but on a quiet block smiling at the neighbors and
daydreaming in every large 80 year old home.
I took my dear love out and rode for an
hour and stopped at Grant park.
My intensions are to read, but
the surroundings are so electric, I was
too distracted.
The sound of the tennis balls were like a heart beat.
Then the kids squealing was like music.
The trees..grass and sounds…man oh man.
It was like being in the heart of a happy person.
No book could compare.
(plus the book was trite)
Our cities are squeezing tight and
finding quiet green space is precious…
get out and explore your city…
just don’t get in my way
when you see the pink helmet coming
kisses and lashes

Categories: bike rides spring fun exercise joy love Portland


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