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Working: only for the OLD!

Okay… all I am sayin‘ is
here I am at the peak of my life sitting
at a desk idle, and when the buzzer rings
I escape to what light is left to then live
for 3 hours and 20 minutes.
For a moment imagine
the system was set up for us to live
our retired lives from 25-55.
Ahh you see it huh.
You graduate and work into the system for 7 years
with only a stipend to live on.
you hike, bike hell trike
You pay forward and you pick
where you want the 7 years of work to pay for: travel, gardening
building and so on.
During the 30 years you only have to work a week a month
to pay forward towards the lifestyle
you have created in the 7 years.
Imagine what mountains, discoveries and lives
you could construct while you were
young enough to do it.
Then as you glide into 55 you
REALY and TRULY have an
idea how to share a WEALTH of knowledge
and work with more passion.
1. you would live longer
2. have little to No regrets
3. raise children with EASE
I am just sayin’
there is to much life for me to discover
and time is…well
I want to run and play more than ever and
my body says “hurry up”.
Just a thought.. so jump rope while you still can
and don’t put off ANYTHING!
today is all we have!
kisses and lashes

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