A Lady and Her Hankie

One of my favorite stores to haunt is “RERUN” on 7th and Freemont (I tell you there is a Freemont in every trendy area in America) Here I can forage and embrace yesterday and today.

Handkerchiefs are a passion of mine, amongst others,
that I can indulge myself with little damage to my style of living..lol
most of the ones I buy are 1$ and are fabulous..
I love using them and pulling them out of my purse to
wipe the occasional tear or runny nose.
Yes, some are too pretty and I love to display them with a table setting.
RERUN is a perfect store to check at least twice weekly, as it is
an consignment store, people unload treasures by the trunk full often..
happy hunting

Categories: Feminine, Linen, Scarves, Style, Vintage Handkerchiefs


Sharing my passion and heart on every page and with every word.. I hope to add a measure to your day!

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