I am just sayin’

Yes.. just say it slow…. Scrumptious
This word is meant to conjure sweet savory delights
reserved for the privileged to enjoy ..
words are like fashion.. you need to add them
refresh them and covet them every chance you get.
I have decided to add this word and wear it in
conversations as if it’s a new purse… like a new pair of shoes
I will flaunt it and make sure to dangle it with long
pauses as to bring an enormous amount of
attention to myself.. This is a very powerful
undiscovered treasure of a word that elicits almost sinful thoughts
If you are afraid of such a word okay
chicken let me help.. here is a pic of one of my favorite dishes..
sharing the plate with lesser players such as an omelet and
And Darling they are SCRUMPTIOUS!
Now I am loosing you to go out and say it and watch
eyebrows go up and jealousy ooze cause they
didn’t say it first….


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One Comment on “I am just sayin’”

  1. March 3, 2010 at 6:44 PM #

    For those of us who have never made cheesy grits before (I know…I'm ashamed!) please share a recipe with me!Love you!

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