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I love a great bargain!
The only way to know if what you have is a deal
is to know your stuff. I can at least say “what stuff I want” 🙂
I saw a white bracelet on a popular Vid/blogger and went on a hunt!
And like a Fairytale it appeared in the case at the Goodwill..
The white one says “Do you have any idea who I am”
perfect for me. $3 (online $125)
The other bracelet says “Freedom” and it makes me feel just that..found
at a consignment store. $10
The bling bracelet was the latest find at a vintage store. $10
I go treasure hunting with an AGENDA.
Happenstance is rare for me cause I am on a mission when I go to these shops 🙂
These trinkets give me oodles of joy and of course,
the compliments are cool too.
Happy hunting :->

My lil bike trip

Yes, I have to write in color cause I love my bike!
The easiest way to feel young is to jump on a bike and take off.
Now mind you, your behind will be in conflict with you the next day
but trust me, it is worth drama!
I love tom-boy bikes and cars, but I had to have the pink helmet.
And yes, I do wear lashes when I ride 🙂
Here are pic of how most of my rides end… at
Heck, I worked off 300 calories, I am entitled to keep a balance as not to throw
my body into shock!
see you on the side streets!

Change your mind, Change your life

Saturday in the Sunshine

Hello World!

Today was a great Saturday.. the sun was showing off and I had to oblige by basking in it as much as possible!.. no bike today, but serious walking thru the NW 23rd community.. I had to(meaning my feet ran me straight in) go to LUSH and smell all the goodies they have.
One of my favorite products they sell is OCEAN SALT face and body scrub.. OMG it has lime grapefruit and sea salt.. I use it on my neck and face once a week and I am hooked!
They specialize in handmade body products that are fresh and ingredients you can SPELL! lol
treat yourself, only you can set a standard of how to love you!
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