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Focused on the prize

Here is a peak at what homework for me looks like.

I have a mic (two of them: one to perform, one to record) near by and a monitor to work on technique.
I have a show coming up and recording so I have to be on point…. I love music,, I am music…this feeds me and I respect it enough to give my all. I will share some music in the new year so stay tuned….
Oh yeah isn’t the iMac pretty? lol sorry for you PC users,, may Santa will show pitty and drop an ipod..ipad or somethin’ in your sad PC stocking…lol just kidding ( not really I am a snob when it comes to computers lol)
love ya
kisses and lashes

Elegant Loveseat/Daybed

Monday I was very blessed to receive this amazing gift… it is hard to put into words what my heart felt when Melanie Kubik showed me into her spare room and said I want this to go to someone beautiful….. yes I cried.. I have always and let me capitalize it ALWAYS wanted sofa just like this….but to be given said item is literally more than I can say in this moment.. but I wanted to share a glimpse of what love looks like! I know I have a charmed life of wonderful people who choose to share life, family friends…but God gave me extra.

I bought a sofa and chaise recently and I have this with my dining table! Fancy huh.. I have to either raise the cushion or add extenders to the legs for just a few more inches..but it is a look I have seen in all my decor mags.. I just so happen to see cloth chairs I wanted to snaz up my crisp black table, so it looks like the look is all coming together!! Maybe you will be on the sofa eating one of my dishes soon!
kisses and lashes

Breakfast in Bed….luxury

When you want to treat yourself, what better way than breakfast in bed!
For some of you cooking may not be your strong suit, but careful planning and you can create
a beautiful moment without leaving home!
Collect great teacups and old napkins to make your warm cup of goodness sparkle.
Even a simple tray adorned with tasty morsels looks like English bone china! lol
I have my bed dressed in all white which gives a zen like feel with it’s crispness.

I stayed at a hotel and it had simple all white linens on the bed and it was gorgeous.
I mixed the textiles (I wish you could see the detail in every layer 🙂 )to add depth.
The stacked trunk set I have had for over 11 years and holds all kinds of girly finery!

Just start with something simple as tea in bed and build from there!

kisses and lashes

Tea Forte..a lovely way to drink tea!!!!!

One Mother’s Day my oldest daughter bought me a tea set from Tea Forte
and I have been in love ever since.
The tea cup and it’s lid was so dainty I knew she had created a new habit I would not soon break!
The silk triangle tea infuser just makes the experience more lady like!

The newest to my tea time is the insulated infuser for my loose tea….
omg..i love the variety pack that came with it. I now have about 5 new teas to add to my favorites list.

Please try to make even a cup of tea special.

we only have this moment…oops now its’ gone………

Ran away with the iPad!!!

So how do tell a without sounding like your bragging?
Io am crazy about this pad…oh yes i am blogging right now from a coffee shop and baby I am on cloud nine!
I thought okay, i will email and surf the net..but omg the games are addicting and the web searching is insane how fast it is.
So, if I was to tell you should you buy one..honey if you could see how jealous my bike is..loll
But i have them out together to make sure they get along!

Is my hubby a little jealous…oh yeah..the kids…think so..
They should be..I LOVE THIS THING! I won’t add insult to injury by adding a picture..but you can imagine my smile..yeah and as I type this on a sunny day..
Janet Jackson is singing in my ear!

Love ya..

(not as much as the iPad though)

Waffle takedown….DUN DUN DUN DUUUUN

Mothers Day ’10
started out on a covert
mission to get a waffle!!
No kids in sight..
two mothers out
to satisfy themselves with
great company and
a perfect way to say
I am a cool mom!
Bread and Ink on Hawthorne
hit a home run again.
Angela (my sister from know)
spoiled me with her company and treated me to
an amazing morning.
As you can see from the pic
there was carnage.
No I am not ashamed.
I join the leagues of waffle
cone sures
and counted myself to be among the elite!!
This is my second Mothers Day at the B&I
and I plan to be there in ’11
with bells on!
Join Me?
kisses and lashes

Running away!

if you know anything about me you would know
I LOVE my bike.
You won’t find me pestering you
riding down crowed streets,
but on a quiet block smiling at the neighbors and
daydreaming in every large 80 year old home.
I took my dear love out and rode for an
hour and stopped at Grant park.
My intensions are to read, but
the surroundings are so electric, I was
too distracted.
The sound of the tennis balls were like a heart beat.
Then the kids squealing was like music.
The trees..grass and sounds…man oh man.
It was like being in the heart of a happy person.
No book could compare.
(plus the book was trite)
Our cities are squeezing tight and
finding quiet green space is precious…
get out and explore your city…
just don’t get in my way
when you see the pink helmet coming
kisses and lashes

Letting go

How do you let go of your child?
What a complicated and tangled duty.
I wished for her
I dreamed of her
I carried her
nursed her
changed her and my whole world
Now, I am being asked to let her go.
To live with a lives work and then open your door
and say bye…huh uh..don’t want too
you may say its right but I want her, little ,
smiling at me and not seeing my shortcomings
thinking I made the sun come up.
sitting in my rocker to nurse at 2 am SHARP.
Laughing crying SCREAMING..
clutching pushing..the mother daughter
dynamic is STILL the most intricate of all the
relationships…but is deep
self observing and amazing.
If I could tell you one thing..
I never willingly want to let my babies go..
but life calls for them from day 1.
Imposing itself on my time with them.. now she is
18 and full of anticipation…
OK WORLD.. I am letting go
and you better treat her right…
love her
honor her
listen to her
signed :heartbroken mother of a new woman.

Working: only for the OLD!

Okay… all I am sayin‘ is
here I am at the peak of my life sitting
at a desk idle, and when the buzzer rings
I escape to what light is left to then live
for 3 hours and 20 minutes.
For a moment imagine
the system was set up for us to live
our retired lives from 25-55.
Ahh you see it huh.
You graduate and work into the system for 7 years
with only a stipend to live on.
you hike, bike hell trike
You pay forward and you pick
where you want the 7 years of work to pay for: travel, gardening
building and so on.
During the 30 years you only have to work a week a month
to pay forward towards the lifestyle
you have created in the 7 years.
Imagine what mountains, discoveries and lives
you could construct while you were
young enough to do it.
Then as you glide into 55 you
REALY and TRULY have an
idea how to share a WEALTH of knowledge
and work with more passion.
1. you would live longer
2. have little to No regrets
3. raise children with EASE
I am just sayin’
there is to much life for me to discover
and time is…well
I want to run and play more than ever and
my body says “hurry up”.
Just a thought.. so jump rope while you still can
and don’t put off ANYTHING!
today is all we have!
kisses and lashes

Knitting : A thinkers craft

Knitting is not for the feeble minded….(red, cause this is a warning!)

I started knitting cause I wanted to relax……………………………………………
………..are you done laughing yet?
I found that not only did I have to pay attention, but become a critical thinker
(I feel if our local politicians had a knitting aptitude test..well hell you get it).
But I was laid off and my new pastime can be pricy if you want a beautiful project.
so here are three of my savers:
Plastic Zip Bags!
In the pic you see the large bag (26″ X 21″) holds work in progress and extra
yarn and patterns. You see the pic of the grey and black crochet
was made with a 10″ x6mm crochet needle and in the close-up you can see it looks
like a knit stitch on one side and a pearl on the other..that was about 180 stitches.
super Easy….and then there was knitting…Ugh!
The smaller bag is perfect for keeping yarn clean and needles from getting lost
while on the go.
Wine bottle Needle holder!
I had two of these cause they were RED and girly..
bought them eons ago for cheap as decor and after giving one away (with vino 😉
I had an idea to put my burgeoning needle collection in one place.
I love it! I can put all things related in there.
Safety Pin/bead row markers!
Yes,, I googled and noticed they are not expensive..but I was on row 8:
Lord if you knew how many times I ripped out stitches to get to EIGHT..
lets just say 6 attempts! ( I digress :{ )
and it was 10 at night so I thought how can I mark this MILESTONE and not forget
so this was free and accessible.
please check out Getting Purly With It blog (over to the right under my favorite blogs,clickit)
Nancy Ricci is my Diana Ross of knitting!
so I will knit on sisters and share my first true triumphs !
I am sure this will get me in to Mensa.
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